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Free Divemaster Internship " Position is occupied at the moment "

Not everyone who takes the Divemaster course wants to work straight away, or even at all. But if you do, Siam’s free Divemaster Internship is definitely the way forward. During your internship, we will enable you to learn more by actually conducting the programs you are trained for, but under the supervision of our own expert Divemasters and Instructors. This will provide you with the chance to get some feedback so you’re able to keep developing your skills and techniques.

You will also have the opportunity to become even more involved with the front of house office, gaining some understanding of the wider business of diving, and business logistics. This is invaluable work experience for your CV when looking for jobs.


Free Internship from Open Water till Dive Master “ 6 Months “

Internship Candidate essential qualifications are:

-Outstanding administrative and communication skills.

-Good computer skills

(Office Work, Facebook Pasting & Editing, emails responded, trip advisor respond)

-Flexible, used to work under pressure, service oriented

-Willing to work in a rotating shift with your colleagues

-Be mature in mind

-Willing to fit in a highly professional and harmonic team

-Even though this is a non – diving position most of the month , you should be possibly a diver and have understanding about the complexity of the work in a modern, customer oriented Dive Centre operating in the upper market.

22 Days working a month.

- Working Hours

(9:30 am till 1:30 pm) Lunch Break (3:30 Pm till 8:00 pm)

- 8 Diving Days each month

- Free 6 Months Accommodation on Siam Dorms room

- Total 48 Days to finish your internship till Dive Master Course

*If the 48 Days is not enough, additional wanted days can be considered after the internship*

- First week is free trial for the whole thing

Contact us for more details!

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