Siam Scuba Center - The Boats

Siam runs two boats specifically customized to accommodate divers. The larger boat is called ‘Supannakong’ and has a maximum capacity of 35 divers. ‘SawSiam’, our smaller boat is and can take up to 15 divers. This allows us to keep that personalized vibe to our teaching, without feeling that you are tripping over other divers and all fighting to get into the water at once. Both are spacious, with sun decks allowing relaxed travel to the dive sites and somewhere to chill out in between dives. Water, tea, coffee, fruit and snacks are provided on-board free of charge, and in keeping with dive regulations emergency oxygen, first aid and radio communications are highly maintained. Both boats are captained by extremely experienced men, as well as staffed by ‘boat boys’ also experienced in seamanship as well as diving. They are always there to help us while we set up our equipment, and steady us when our balance isn’t too good.

Having two boats allows us the flexibility of chartering an array of courses and fun diving on similar schedules but to different dive sites, so no-one is under pressure to visit dive locations outside of their comfort or ability levels. It also makes it possible for us to offer you something a little bit different, such as charters to special dive sites such as Sail Rock and Ang Thong Marine Park. In general, we try to vary our dive sites on a daily basis, allowing you to experience as many different sites as possible, while also avoiding the crowds. It’s always preferable to see more fish than fellow divers!

Chartering one of the boats allows you to pick your dive sites; for every 4 people on the boat there will be 1 dive professional with intimate knowledge of the dive sites, as well as the captain and the boat boy. Your equipment will be setup (unless you’d prefer to set up your own), safety checked, pre dive briefings including, signal review, emergency procedures, as well as entry procedures, dive site and fish ID review before buddy checks are observed and the dive begins.